Jake's World

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Jake Holding the Z-Vibe!

Jake is working on his grasp - this is the first time I ever got him to hold his z-vibe by himself!!  I just gave him a little support at the elbow!!

 Aug 2007


Jake in PT 2004

The first is a video of Jake with his PT, Carmel, from when we lived in Merrick (March 16th 2004).  He was one hard working little baby!!   He hated PT - he still does at times, but it really has helped him get stronger.  That becomes obvious when you watch his later videos....The second video is also with Carmel in April of 2004.  Jake was cracking up - it's too cute!


More 2003 baby videos...


  1. changing table Oct 7th
  2. in the bath Nov 4th
  3. in the bouncy Nov 18th
  4. laying with Daddy Nov 20th

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Jake's 1st Videos

Here are a couple of the first videos we ever took of Jake....he's definitely come a long way!  He was only 5 days old in the first video and 10 days old in the second.  The second is dark, but he really opens his eyes - I remember how happy we felt at the time